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What am I doing here?

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What do I do? I’m a software developer. I like to think of myself as such. I develop software for the web. I develop in C# in the .Net Framework. *All hail the .Net Framework*

I’m not going to be posting here about web development. There are already far too many blogs about that. Besides, it’s not really an interesting subject to be honest. It’s straight forward and not very challenging. It pays the rent though, and thankfully continues to be neccesary in the world of company public relations.

What I hope to be posting here are informative, some more so than others, most less than most, posts about my journey into the deep bowels of game development. I’m not a game developer by trade but I have been making software of one kind or another for near a decade now, and yeah, that feels like forever. Most of the software I make is business related, hell, all of it is really, in one way or another. So I decided that perhaps it was time to realize that old dream. To make something that was interesting, challenging, and maybe someday, rewarding in a more physical sense. Something I would own myself, along with my wife of course.

You see, we started this near two years ago. A form of self improvement. Lets learn new things we said. Lets do something that might bring us an income we said.

We might yet make it. After these two years, I have added yet *another* language to my repertoire of programming languages, C++, and to a somewhat lesser degree, Python. Python took 30 minutes. C++ seemed like it was going to take forever. I figure I’ve spent close to 3000 hours studying the damn language. And yeah, that’s nearly a full working week, 50+ weeks per year, both years. In the beginning it was pure hell. “Hello world” took 30 seconds to do, after spending a fucking week setting up the programming environment. Now it’s getting easier. The difference between concepts like pass by reference and pass by value are now burned into the insides of my eyelids. I can write code that makes sense in less time than I used to be able. I can resolve linking errors without tearing my non-existent hair out. Maybe there is some hope for us.

I have hope for us.


Written by Högni Gylfason

17.07.09 at 19:49

Posted in Ramblings

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