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Standard material done

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For all practical purposes I consider the work I’ve done on exporting the standard material type from ShaderFX to Ogre3D readable format, complete.

It now exports correctly all the subnodes and lights and the calculations all appear correct now, including advanced functions like projection mapping based on vertex positions, alphas based on vertex colors, ambient occlusion, diffuse, normal and more.

I’m now going to proceed to create an exporter for the Glow and Subsurface scattering materials, as those are the ones I see us needing in the near future.

Even though this has taken a lot of time to implement I think it will save us untold hours of work in the future. This applies even if I leave it standing at only the standard material.

Unfortunately I’ve not gotten any further response from Luminox on this matter, so I don’t know if this work will ever reach the public. I can’t release it on my own as it is proprietary software that I’ve made extensions on…

I’ll update on this status when I can.


Written by Högni Gylfason

06.10.09 at 12:43

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