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My full name is Högni Þór Gylfason – english spelling Hogni Thor Gylfason, pronounced something like Hoegni Thohr Gylvason.

I live in Reykjavik, Iceland at present with my wife and two rabbits and a lot of computers.

I work at VÍS as a software engineer in data driven web applications. My main responsibility lies in systems integration, reading data from business application interfaces for consumption by web front ends. I am not free for freelance projects, thank you.

Most of my free time goes into working on our VoidEngine game engine or our space based 4X/RTS hybrid, SpaceWars! (pro temp, obviously).

I can be most easily contacted through my email klumhru at gmail dot com.

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Written by Högni Gylfason

07.08.09 at 12:41

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