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Wanna join?

We are tentatively looking for more members. Anyone wanting to join must realize a few things beforehand.

  • There is no immediate remuneration.
  • The bottom line payments will de determined on a time share basis.
  • Any payout will depend on the portion of work put into the project.
  • I and my wife have as near as makes no difference 5000 hours combined put in already. This is equialent to 2.9 man-years of work.
  • No differentiation is made as far as type of work is concerned, be it coding or art or other work items.

Applications should consist of a cover letter, detailing interests and passions, and a resume of max 2 pages. In our minds experience and enthusiasm counts far higher than formal education so include as much as you can.

Any applicant also needs to provide examples of previous work, code samples or demo reels where applicable. Modding work counts towards this – it does not need to be work done in a professional capacity. Any applicant will need to have a passion for gaming in general and PC gaming in particular. We are creating an IP for release on PC primarily, maintaining as much cross platform compatibility as possible with a future view on porting to other platforms.

Unfortunately we cannot provide software for new members. This is a responsibility of the applicant. Programmers need to have access to Visual Studio 2008. This is an internet based project only for now. No offices exist, nor will they exist in the near future, barring unforseen events (cash rain etc). Everyone therefore needs to have facilities for internet communications by voice, i.e. microphone. All applicants must speak and write excellent English. We don’t care if english is an applicant’s 3rd/4th/5th language as long as he or she speaks and writes intelligibly.

We are looking for people to fill the following roles:


Artist / Concept artist


Written by Högni Gylfason

20.07.09 at 13:44

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