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This individual should have good drawing skills, digital and manual, and good vision for game art. The individual should have experience doing concept art and / or texture work for gaming projects. He or she must have an eye for what can be acheived with the available resources, i.e. a 4-5 man team. The individual must have good social skills and be willing to compromise to a certain degree on what is possible and not. Previous game content creation experience – modding counts – is required.

Responsibilities will be to create imaginative settings and NPCs, details and outlines. The individual might be required to create orthographical drawings of some objects for modelling purposes. The individual needs to have knowledge of the concepts of real time 3d rendering, such as normal maps, textures, lighting etc. UV Unwraps will be provided for model texturing.

Our graphics work at present is primarily done in Photoshop, but any graphics program capable of working with psd files and exporting 32bit tga is fine by us. As we can only provide an in-engine texture preview application for PC / Windows, applicants must have access to such, even if work is done on another platform, e.g. Mac or Linux.

This role is one where passion and enthusiasm are paramount. Applicants must be gamers, they must be proud of their work and they must have a burning passion for game art.


Written by Högni Gylfason

20.07.09 at 13:57

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